What Women Say About TB

True Beauty is my safe haven. I know that I can open up and reveal vulnerability and feel nothing but love, support, and uplifting encouragement in return. Not only can I rely and count on prayer warriors lifting me up in time of need but the love and acceptance with open arms is one that surpasses any group I have been a part of. These ladies are imperfect and flawed just like me and there is no judgement when any of us talk about our shortcomings or falling short of the glory of God. They love you and help you out of that hold or that battle you are fighting. This place is close to my heart.”   – Tami

“I love this group of ladies because I can go to them with a request and I can feel the power of prayer.” – Michelle

“I just started with True Beauty so I don’t know what to expect. But I hope it brings about great friends, fellowship and a closer walk with God and a renewed trust in women and friends”  Traci

“I enjoy being a part of a small group of women that truly care about one another and come together in Christ’s name.”  Jill

True Beauty for me has been a huge part of the process of me becoming the person God has always intended me to be. Realizing there is so much freedom in who we are in Christ. God is glorified when we become the beauties He has always known.”  Michelle

True Beauty has been such a convenient and positive addition to my walk with Christ. I’ve been encouraged and fed by ladies sharing their hearts and as I have shared mine. I love every new hug I get when I finally meet my new True Beauty friends in person. But my favorite part is knowing these women are praying for me. I feel their prayers. If you are unable to attend a women’s group at church, I’d encourage you to be a part of True Beauty. It’s just a click away.”   Rachel

True Beauty came to me during a time of brokenness in my life, the Lord sent His comfort, strength and encouragement to me through this special group of women and I will always treasure them for their sensitivity, love and grace. True Beauty is a safe haven for growth, unconditional love and fellowship for women in Christ, no matter what stage of life you are in!”  Nicci

“What I love about True Beauty is real, authentic relationships where women walk beside each other doing life! It is where honesty and vulnerability is normal and a healing place to grow!” – Mary Lou

“I love True Beauty, it is a safe place to share the ups and downs I am going through without being judged. I am supported and loved. I have the chance to uplift other women. The center of our group is God.”  Robin

True Beauty has been my source of love, support and encouragement through very challenging life circumstances. There truly are proven prayer warrior women who are eager to stand in the gap for others.”  Kimberly

“I love TB because I’ve struggled with self-image for a long time. Since becoming part of this ministry I’ve become stable minded and grounded in who Christ created me to be. TB has changed my life because I now have a safe place to share my struggles. I’m thankful to have a safe place to share hardship and joy. I’ve made strong connections with women whom I have never felt judged by. It builds my faith to pray for others and have them share how God walked them through.” Heather

“I love the heart of True Beauty, in that its members are a group of very supportive, loving, encouraging, and authentic ladies. True Beauty is a place we can come to, let our hair down, remove all pretenses, and just be real, without fear of judgment. It is a very Christ-centered group, so this is exactly where everyone is led, back to Christ. Isn’t this what Christianity is supposed to be about?! Being a member of True Beauty has helped me to love and accept myself as I am and to see myself through Christ’s eyes. If you are considering joining a True Beauty group, I encourage you to do so! It may seem like receiving support and tools for personal and spiritual growth through an online group is impossible, but it’s not! When I first joined almost two years ago, I had not yet met any of the ladies in person. Yet, almost instantaneously, I found myself wrapped in the comfort of a sisterhood in Christ. These ladies mean the world to me. They are my family.”  – Shirley

“I’ve been in True Beauty from the beginning and I joined because I knew God wanted me to use what I’ve learned in my life and walk with Him to encourage other ladies. I needed to stop hiding my light under a bushel. It has also helped me learn to trust other women again, something I didn’t realize how much I needed until it started happening. I’ve gotten so much more from this group than I could ever contribute.” – Amy

True Beauty is my safe zone- I have been open and very real in this group and received support as well as met others that are going through something similar. It is also wonderful to have ladies that are positive, encouraging, and trusting in each other as they are striving to be their best for God, themselves, families and loved ones. I also have enjoyed learning about others their walks and loving them through joys, daily life, adventures and personal growth. Last year of my life was very rough! I don’t think that my family nor I would have come through it as well as we did without the prayers and that I have a place to share that was not connected to our family and others in our social world. This group has been a BIG part of my life since I joined it. Now I am able to refer to “my prayer group” and many know what it is. My husband is supportive of my time spent with it as well.”  – Rebecca

“How/Why do I love True Beauty – Let me count the ways…… 1. I can be me. 2. I am loved and accepted, unconditionally. 3. No judgement, just acceptance. 4. Safe place. 5. Prayer warriors who just love to pray for you. 6. Christian ladies, all with struggles. Just trying to live our lives for God. 7. True Beauty has enriched my life so very much. I have grown with my faith and will continue to grow. I can go on and on with good things to say. Love all the ladies.” – Vickie

“One of the values of True Beauty is to be able to share prayer requests without fear of judgement, invasion of privacy, etc and knowing that others will pray. I have “met” and grown close to ladies I would not normally have known. If you need a friend this is a great group of Christian ladies to be with. We are all different ages, denominations, sizes and shapes but we serve the same true God. Prayer makes all the difference.” – Edwina

“I love True Beauty because it is a safe place to share private concerns…and prayer warriors are usually available 24-7! I encourage others to join because they will grow in their faith as God answers prayer after prayer….and when He answers in a way we do not want or in a time table we would prefer to be quicker, others are here at True Beauty to remind us of God’s BIG picture. He ALWAYS is with us, and He WILL get us through hard times. What is awesome is that He uses Christian sisters at True Beauty to hold up our arms in prayer when we cannot feel God’s presence. Trust me, you WILL grow incredibly close to God by being a part of this group!” – Judy

I love, love, love True Beauty. For me I need a place where I am held accountable so I stay on track with my goals to grow healthier in body, soul, spirit, and in relationships. Also the other true beauties hold me up in prayer and encourage me when I am struggling. It is also a great place for me to pour out love and care on others so I don’t get too self focused. True Beauty is fun, encouraging, supportive, and a great place to make new friends. – Susan

I am so thankful for the beautiful ladies in True Beauty. The encouragement and love has really been so refreshing. I have never had this before! I have not been as active lately, just because I am trying to stay off social media to take care of necessary things in my personal life, but nothing has changed. Everyone is still just as loving and supportive as they were in the beginning!     – Sharie